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Bell Mountain Middle School8

Menifee, CA | Riverside County


June 10, 2013

I have an autistic child. Last summer, we fled/sold home solely because of horrible Laguna Beach School District - Top of the World Elementary School and CHOSE fabulous BMMS (after nationwide District/SELPA search/interviews) and dropped on them, a hard fought, comprehensive 58 page IEP. My child started BMMS at 3rd Grade level (math, lang, reading, writing). Well funded, hi scoring TOW, Laguna Beach SD failed my child since K, but BMMS prin, admin & staff were all up for & succeeded in this daunting challenge. This academic year...One thing has changed for my son, and that is EVERYTHING. Immense growth. Special & Gen. Ed. Teachers, staff are organized, genuine, caring, participatory, responsive & include parents. But, parents...at any school, you have to be your child's advocate, monitor closely, and be objective (any problem means you need to call meetings to fix it - until it's fixed). I have daily, weekly, monthly IEP hard data results-unbelievable improvement, academically, socially, emotionally, communicatively for my son. Parents, closely involve yourselves. Demand your child's inclusion & zero tolerance bullying. U must actively monitor & participate. Kudos to BMMS!

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May 30, 2013

We moved to this school 3 months into the school year and they wouldn't except my sons transfer grade. The teachers are out of control so is the office staff. One teacher let her ta get in my sons face yelling and the counselor was acting as if he was my child's father yelling too this school thinks it's okay to verbally abuse the students. We are a military family and my children have been to many schools but Bell mountain is the WORST!

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May 13, 2013

My son has been attending this school for this most recent year. I have NEVER been more shocked and appalled with a school as I have with this one. The bullying is rampant, the students run the classrooms, and the administration does absolutely NOTHING to fix any of these issues. After meeting with the VP and the Counselor (who handles "discipline") I was more upset than I was to begin with. The administration is a joke, and this is a horrible environment for middle school children. The students are so out of control in class that my son has lacked learning much of anything because more time is spent trying to control the kids who do not behave. I would not recommend that anyone move to Menifee if they have children because the education available is a joke. Do yourself a favor and move to Murrieta. There is no accountability for administration and the teachers get no assistance. It makes me sick to send my son to this school but there are no better options out here. I am meeting with the Superintendent but I am worried that this will not do anything either. I know MANY parents who have removed their children from this district altogether because of the problems.

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March 11, 2011

My son has been attending this school for about 7 months now. I don't dislike the school, but don't find anything about it that screams "Wow"! I am turned off by the lack of follow through with school officials and their in ability to follow through with return calls and communication and the lack of activities available to students in/outside of school. One more year and hopefully we will able to get him into a better school district with more to offer students.

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October 12, 2010

Bell Mountain has great teachers who care about their students' success.

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December 14, 2009

I was very disappointed with this school, I felt that the teachers, administration lacked greatly in their ability to promote learning skills, critical thinking and problem solving. I found the teachers were ingenuine with their 'caring' attitude as it was doled out evenly throughout the classroom even after some children were found to be problem makers. The administration was non chalant with misbehavior, and to the victims of student abuse. I did find their extra cirricular activities to be stimulating and readily available to the students, along with their music program to be the only redeeming quality about this school. I am pleased that my child was able to transfer out of this school.

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November 5, 2009

Bell Mountain is a wonderful school. The teachers and the programs they offer have helped both my children grow and excel.

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August 19, 2009

I thought Bell Mountain was an excellent school. Clean campus, good teachers; we were very pleased.

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May 21, 2008

I have had 2 children go through BMMS and have not been impressed either time. One of my children was teased and tormented for 3 years and the teachers and administration did nothing. My other child was repeatedly singled out for dress code violations while many, many others were allowed to consistently violate the dress code. I am a teacher myself and I can tell you there has been zero differentiation or in-class modifications for my GATE student. Despite the fact that the law says that he has special needs as a GATE student, he received the exact same instruction and assignments as all of the other students in class. BMMS hides behind its nice campus and high test scores, but fails to address the real issues facing students. On a scale of 1 - 10, I rate BMMS a '3.'

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February 4, 2008

Bell Mountain Middle School has more extracurricular activities than any other school within fifty miles. There is an extensive interscholastic sports program that includes flag football, volleyball, basketball, cross country, wrestling, and softball. There is an extensive band program that offers both before and after school activities. There are an abundance of after school GATE activities; however, the bulk of the GATE enrichment takes place in the classrooms as teachers differentiate the curriculum. More often than not, the individual GATE students are not directly aware that this is even happening. BMMS is a great school where students labor in a safe and orderly environment and where discipline is consistently enforced in accordance with district and state policy.

September 23, 2007

BMMS has an inconsistently-applied discipline policy, and a punitive approach to problems. The result is victimized children who feel responsible for attacks on them. This school's administration is seriously lacking training, sensitivity, common sense and proactive measures for student safety. They sweep problems under the rug and superficially meet written protocol, while ignoring the legislative intent and mandatory training. Their inconsistency sends a dangerous message to young children, especially girls. I welcome personal contact to discuss this further with parents.

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September 11, 2007

I attended Bell Mountain all three years of middle school. I have no bad comments to say about the school. The teachers are so caring and personal I know that if I ever have a question on homework in high school I can always go back to BMMS and have someone help me out. There are so many opportunites there to get involved too I was involved in many clubs and loved them all. There are lots of athletic opportunities also this school has basketball, football, cross country, track, wrestling, cheer, dance, volleyball, and softball. That is a lot for a middle school. Bell Mountain is just a great place and I am deeply sadened that it has come time for me to leave it behind

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February 1, 2007

I currently have my third child at BMMS. We came from a distressed school in Orange County, this more 'affluent' school does not even compare. The administration micromanages the kids and not enough time on developing academics. The GATE program is practically nonexistent and focuses on extracurricular activities which I feel is a contradiction to its mission. I cannot figure out where the enormous amount of supplemental taxes that go to this school district, are being used. Very disappointing school.

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January 27, 2007

My child attended this school for two years. The academics are great. I was impressed with the teachers. I would say there are many teachers who really care quite a bit about the students. It is hard to stay involved in middle school; but it is possible and important. VERY. The supervision at this school between classes especially, was lacking in my opinion. There seems to be no monitoring of the students between classes and they are not given enough time even to use the restroom. There definitely needs to be more supervision.

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September 19, 2006

The school is average. Some teachers are overloaded with work so do not have time to attend individual student needs.Some teachers are doing an excellent job in communicating with parents via e-mail. Teachers are willing to meet parents and discuss their child's progress. Not much extra curricular activities and very less home work.

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